Good things happen but can leave you suddenly

I read a lot of reviews about dating sites and different stories. Someone writes bad things and someone tells amazing love stories. My story was good because I found my dream girl and we lived for almost 8 years. I was on a dating site and rarely answered girls from my country. I wanted a Russian bride because I liked the temperament of this culture more. Our ladies are all very arrogant and I was looking for a simple and kind girl. We met on the site and chatted for almost a year. I wanted to see her and wanted her to move, but she always had difficulties and various reasons not to do this.

Then she came to me and we could not part. She stayed and I found a job for her when she learned my language. Our English is not very good, but we could communicate and express our feelings. But she wanted to find work and for this she needed a local language. She learned this in 4 months and we found a good job near our house. I did not insist - it was her choice. Then we planned the wedding and did it modestly but cheerfully. We went to her parents and celebrated our marriage there. Then our twins were born and we were very happy. We often remembered a dating site and told our friends about it.

Our family life was comfortable although we were both very active personalities and always went to explore new places. Then she had problems with documents - they should have made her citizenship, but all the time they were too lazy to go to the company and stand in line for documents and forms. This led to problems and she left home to solve this complexity there. I did not think that I could be bored for only 2 weeks. I needed her like air. She came back and I was very happy. After 4 years, we bought a car and were planning to go to the sea in the summer and take our boys with us. Before that we traveled a lot but the children were very small and we could not take them with us to live in a hostel or in a tent. My mom had them and it was reliable.

We carefully planned this trip and considered every detail. The car was new and Christina was a good driver. When she left for the supermarket I was at home with the children and was waiting for her for a very long time. I did not think about bad things and spent time with children. I know that my wife always visits the supermarket for a long time to choose the tastiest and the freshest for us. I waited for her for a very long time and called her several times. There was an accident due to fog and poor visibility on the road. My children lost their mother and I lost the perfect woman. It was a long time ago but I still remember that evening. Now I live with my sons and parents because I need to leave children with them when I go to work. I still can’t open that dating site but I understand that I need to move on and live normally. I still remember the smell of her perfume and the warmth of her hands. But I also think about finding a new wife because my heart is already free. Time has passed and the pain has passed.

I read various stories and some of them were so sad. People find each other even on a dating site but then they sometimes lose each other. The reasons were different, but I did not want my story to end like this. That time was beautiful and I am glad that I could find her. But I also thought what her life might have been if she had not moved in with me and found me on that site. I had a lot of different thoughts. Now there is a girl in a cafe near my work. We had a couple of dates and I did not talk about my story. I want to leave it in my heart and forget it over time. Life goes on and my children are already going to school. I remember every moment but think about how to build a happy family again.

Many people are looking for their fate on a dating site, but I learned to appreciate what I have. The girl from the cafe is very sweet and sincere. She has those qualities that are more boring for me and my children. It may be that I will write to someone on that site again, but now I do not want to rush. I had sad experience on such a resource, but maybe other people could be happy and live together for a very long time. I can’t say that finding a partner there is bad. I believe in fate and know that you can meet your partner anywhere, even in a cafe.