My happy online acquaintance

A couple of years ago I chatted with a girl who was 14 years younger than me. I did not expect a serious relationship because a young girl could not be a reliable and faithful wife for me. I already had 2 marriages and I have a daughter who lives with me. My last wife was windy and frivolous and I could not leave her daughter. I switched to homework, which I can do using a laptop and a smartphone to raise a child in a full form. My love is still very small and it requires a lot of time and attention. But I am a lonely man with a child and we need women's attention and a warm comfortable house. I cook poorly and often order food in a cafe or hire a woman who cooks healthy meals for a 4 year old child.

I well understand that I and my child need a mom and wife, but I do not have free time to go on dates. I work hard to earn my daughter at school, college, university. She is a little girl who wants beautiful dresses and toys. I pamper my daughter and understand that sometimes I have to tell her no. But soon she will start asking questions and I will not have answers. I am looking for a wife who will love my child but I also do not mind if she has her own children.

My only chance to find a wife is to open a profile on a dating site because here I can enter the necessary parameters. I describe my personality and say that I have a child. I met women in the park, but there we cannot get to know each other at once. On the dating site, each of us can read the questionnaire and understand the views and principles of another person. I met this young girl on the site and we talked for a couple of months. I was not too serious because she was younger and I did not see her as a good mother for my daughter. But I liked the girl: young, slender, sophisticated, smart and beautiful. It was my type but I am not only a man but also a father. The girl was too young and she did not have experience in raising children, she also did not have younger brothers and sisters.

She was an interesting and attractive girl, but I had doubts because she also had to become a mother. I did not offer the girl to meet because I did not see our future together. But then I invited her to the circus and we went three together. It was very fun and positive - the girl made friends with my daughter and I revised my views. I thought that they can be good friends and discuss different women's topics. A week later, we went to the children's theater and my daughter often asks about Julia at home.

I decided to invite Julia to move into our house and try family life. I understood that a family can scare a girl of 22 years old but she agreed. We have been together for 2 years and are now thinking about marriage. We are happy and expect a baby. My daughter does not yet treat Julia as a mother, but they have become good friends, I think that a second child will make our family stronger. Julia will be a good mom because she has such qualities. I'm sorry that I thought about her badly - now we have a good family. My bride said that she has many nephews in her hometown because she is the youngest daughter in the family. We went to her and I liked her family, her parents well accepted the fact that I am older than her because I am an adult and reliable man.

I deleted my page on a dating site because I found the girl of my dreams. We have a happy, warm relationship and I do not want to communicate with other women there. I began to work more to pamper my beauties and I am glad that I can do this. I hope my third marriage will be perfect because I like our life together. It may not be all couples could build a relationship on a dating site but I know a lot of people who still live together. I concluded that you can not judge a person until you know him personally.