Need to prioritize correctly

I met a girl on a dating site and we were on the same wavelength. It was a comfortable and fun conversation where everyone expressed his opinion freely. I like to communicate with “comfortable” people. I am a positive person who just could not find the perfect bride. I am still alone although I am already 37. I had many girls and each of them was special for me. But the relationship ended quickly - the maximum was a year. Something went wrong. I think I was to blame; maybe I was not careful enough or caring, although I tried to make every girl happy.

A new acquaintance was another adventure for me, although it is difficult for me to start a new relationship. Everything scares me from scratch. The relationship ended but you knew the person well and now you start to recognize a new person from scratch. It is interesting but it is sometimes scary. The new acquaintance was simple and we had many things in common. I liked that she did not talk about problems or her difficulties. Her positive attitude towards life inspired me. My work has a lot of stressful situations and I always came home and turned on the laptop to get energy and positive from it. It was cool and I wanted to live with such a person who will be a bright light for me.

We talked about moving but she didn’t want to live with my family and we planned to rent a house. I could realize these plans because I had a good income and received a monthly allowance from the state. She came to me and I remember that day. She asked for an address and told her not to meet her at the bus station. I was surprised but agreed. I prepared a good breakfast (she arrived in the morning) and was waiting for her at home. When I opened the door I was a little shocked. She came with two dogs. I love animals but we did not discuss it. I was so surprised that my sympathy for this girl disappeared. Our attitude was cool and it was serious - I suggested that she move and live together. She did not talk about dogs, but I understood why she wanted a big house and not an apartment with my family.

I did not know what to tell her but it was too late. I thought that our feelings would not hinder having a dog at home, even if I have an allergy to coat. I told her about it and we went to the pharmacy to buy me pills. We forgot about breakfast, about my gifts and surprises for her. The first and most important thing for me was to avoid tearing, sneezing and coughing. That would not be very romantic. I understood that she would not send them to the animal’s home and we needed to find a compromise. My allergies tormented me since childhood and I was sorry that we had no animals at home. But I put up with it and bought fish for the aquarium. I did not think that in my life there will be two dogs.

We lived together for about a month and the tablets did not help me get rid of the allergy completely. Her dogs had long hair that was everywhere: on the couch, on the bed, in the kitchen, in our food, in my work chair. I was silent and tolerated; she also saw my condition and was silent. All sympathy and romance for her passed every day. I understood that such a life might not be so fun, and I tried other medications. But I am not a supporter of drugs and do not drink it. But here I just had no choice. My sympathy for this girl turned into a nightmare. I didn’t want to return from work because I could not breathe there. It was terrible when you didn’t want to go home. I had no complaints about her or her character. She is really a very cheerful and positive girl, but her dogs made my life terrible. I was silent for a couple of weeks and told her to send the dogs to her parent’s home. Maybe it sounded rude but I had no choice. She said ok and will do it tomorrow morning.

I went to work and returned in the evening. The house was empty and I found a letter. She wrote that everything was cool but she has been living alone for a long time and these dogs are her family. She loves them as children and cannot send them to an orphanage or to old parents. She left and I was not upset. I was sorry to lose her, but I realized that she loves them more and her relationship with a guy will be in second place. I have no resentment now because I already have a family. I just remember this story with humor but I forgot the feelings for her and now I found the girl of my dreams.