Our funny love story

I remembered one funny story when I opened my first profile on a dating site. There were many people from different countries, but I chose girls from a small town which is located near Munich. This is a quiet, cozy town where there was one showplace that I wanted to see. Going there alone would be boring for me, so I was looking for a girl to see this place and town together. There was also an old pub made in the Irish style - it was opened by a family who came there from Ireland about 20 years ago.

I talked with the girl but did not say about my plans to come there. It would not be correct to write about it after 2 weeks of communication, and we just discussed different life topics. It was interesting and informative; she worked as a guide in the museum of her city. Such a person was interesting to me because I like to learn new information of any type. We talked for about 3 months and I thought to come to her. Christmas was approaching and I did not want to sit alone at home. My friends celebrated with their families and they invited to their house but it was not convenient. Sitting at home was also a bad idea.

She wrote that she also lives alone and will probably go to her parents for the holidays, but this was not exact plan. I offered to meet and see the town and then sit in that pub. She thought for almost 2 days and gave a positive answer. I chose a beautiful gift for her (flowers, toys and sweets are commonplace for me). I found an authentic thing from Munich to show her the peculiarity of my city and its history. Her town is not very far and I did not need to go there by train. I took a bus ticket because I like to look out the window and explore the other towns that were on the way to our destination.

This story was almost 6 years ago, but I still remember my enthusiasm when I was packing my backpack for the trip. I planned to go there for a couple of days, or maybe just for one night to celebrate Christmas, sleep in the hostel and return home. I could not stay longer because a cat was waiting for me at home and no one would feed him - everyone left for the holidays. I bought a ticket for a daytime bus and should have arrived there by 6pm. She promised to meet me at the station and then show me the town. I was very excited because the trip would be very exciting.

On the bus, I wrote to her that I was already on the way and in 5 hours I would be at the bus station there. She replied ok and we will meet in the center of the hall. I arrived and stood in the hall for about an hour … drank one coffee, then another. I wrote to her but I did not receive an answer. Then I sat on the bench for another hour and realized that it would be a holiday soon and sitting here is stupid thing. I opened the map and went to see the place I was looking for. After that I found a pub and stayed there. It was an unusual place and it was quite crowded. I liked this atmosphere with people who also decided to celebrate Christmas with friends or find new ones. I sat by the bar and ordered a drink. Then I met a girl who was lonely. We drank, found a table, talked and decided to go on a walk around the town. She showed me many beautiful places that only locals know. But we froze and decided to return to the pub.

We talked very easy and fun, and in the pub we found a company of great people and joined them. Everyone told a story and I was very comfortable even with these strangers. I felt free and forgot about the sad story with that girl who did not meet me at the bus station. I was even happy about this, and so now I call that incident funny. A gift for her I gave this girl.

I was in the pub until early morning until people started to leave. This girl was also with me and then we went to the bus station. I bought a ticket and decided to sleep on the bus. The company from the pub left their phone numbers and we decided to meet again if we would be still without families and partners. I returned home and a year later I found the girl with whom we still live. For the first Christmas, we went to that pub and now we are celebrating this holiday at home with our daughter. Everything is fine with us, we still communicate with those guys and came to them in the summer. Hope all the bad things about meeting people on dating sites lead you to better moments.